OK.  What the world probably doesn’t need is yet another food blog.  So, I’m going to try to make this a bit different. The focus is on menus for all of those folks out there who wonder…what will I fix for dinner?

For the past 25+ years I have been cooking at-home meals, entertaining friends, and even had my own “on-the-side” catering business for a while during which I prepared everything from intimate Anniversary dinners for two, to large-scale receptions for 400 (including a few wedding cakes along the way).

I despise the term “foodie” although if that is what you end up calling me, I won’t be offended. It’s just that caring about and preparing food has been something that I have been doing for far longer than the term “foodie” has been around. I am not a professional chef…just a good “home cook” with some ideas and experiences I want to share with those who are interested. As mentioned above, this blog will focus predominantly on menus, but I will share a few recipes along the way (possibly more if folks ask nicely)!

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your patience as I maneuver my way through my first-ever blog.