Summer Vegetable Minestrone; Bibb lettuce salad with radishes and house-made buttermilk ranch dressing; garlic-parmesan croutons
A scoop of house-made chocolate ice cream—Clay Wollard’s recipe is the richest ever (it has butter in it y’all!), and it’s the best I’ve ever eaten. You can’t buy anything like this anywhere…you have to make it yourself.

Grilled grouper over bouillabaisse sauce, topped with a drizzle of aioli; steamed new potatoes; salad with kiwi vinaigrette; house-made French bread
A perfectly ripe peach lightly sprinkled with sugar and doused with whole milk

Zucchini boats stuffed with lentils, couscous, shallots, garlic, and goat cheese served over light, fresh tomato sauce; grilled onions, red peppers, and corn-on-the-cob
A scoop of chocolate ice cream with sprinkles of coconut, chopped pecans, and finely-diced raisins

Eddie’s beef enchiladas baked with sour cream-green chili sauce; Arroz Rojas (Mexican rice); house-made refried beans
Pineapple wedges with lime

Summer vegetable ragout served over fresh herb pasta with Parmigiano-Reggiano; salad with ranch dressing; French bread
Chocolate ice cream with a splash of Bailey’s Irish Cream liqueur