Many of you will raise your eyebrows about one of the items on the menu tonight. Bear with me and hear me out.

Sunday Night at Chez Edouard:
Grilled chicken breast seasoned with fresh rosemary from the deck garden; diced summer vegetables (zuchinni squash, green beans, peppers, and onions from Warner Farm, with corn kernels from Georgia), tossed with chipotle pepper butter; mashed potato ravioli.

OK, you are saying…”mashed potato ravioli?…How starchy!” Yet, this is REALLY good my friends, and it is not TOO starchy, believe it or not: handmade pasta stuffed with oven-roasted potatoes, roasted garlic, chopped chives, and a small dollop of sour cream, mashed together is the filling for something truly wonderful.  I only serve two, 3×3 inch squares of this per serving, and thus, it’s simply a small accompaniment to the menu, providing a nice foil for all of the other elements.

Dessert tonight is simply a baked peach with a dusting of “crumb crust” served with blueberry sauce and a drizzle of cream.