After spending a week with family members in North Carolina, I returned home with an abundance of fresh, homegrown produce from the gardens of my father and sister, which will be showcased this week.

Monday’s Menu at Chez Edouard
Lemon sole* dredged in breadcrumbs and crisp-fried in clarified butter; pickled vegetables (summer squash and onions, okra, cucumbers); boiled freshly-dug new potatoes; corn-on-the-cob; cornbread muffin
A perfect peach from Tigo Orchard
(*Yes, I know that lemon sole is on the “red list” of those species that are overfished and endangered. I have conflicting emotions about the issue.  On the one hand, I want to support the sustainability of all species of wildlife, but on the other, there in the fishmonger’s stand was some of the most beautiful lemon sole I had ever seen—already filleted and ready for my dinner. If I (or others), didn’t buy at least one filet, that fish would have possibly gone to waste. And since I do not believe in wasting food…well, just shoot me if you disagree that it should not have been bought/consumed.)