Friday’s Summer Vegetable Plate
Anson Mills Sea Island red peas; Lois’ farm corn (cooked on-the cob); “oven-fried” Lady Moon Farms summer squash; grilled Warner Farm tomato; “killed” lettuce; pepperjack cheese cornbread muffin

Watermelon for dessert

So you are probably saying what on earth is “killed lettuce?” Folks, this is really one of the premiere dishes of the south. It’s somewhat similar to a wilted spinach salad, but in this case fresh lettuce leaves are briefly tossed in a sauté pan with vinegar, bacon fat, a pinch of sugar, diced scallions, a touch of buttermilk, and ground black pepper. My Mother introduced me to this at a very early age. It was one of her favorite dishes. Mom, I know you’re getting a lot of this in heaven, and lots of cornbread to go with! Love you!