Many years ago, I developed the chicken recipe which is part of this menu for a dinner party that I was hosting. It was very successful, and I received many compliments. Strangely enough, I haven’t made this in a LONG time, but it’s always good to revisit things from the past. So, here it is once again…

Chicken Paillards “breaded” with crushed potato chips*; yellow tomato-basil-garlic confit; macaroni salad; quickly-blanched green beans with herb butter
Frozen watermelon granita

*I used crushed, organic “sea salt and black pepper” potato chips from Whole Foods Market (my fav!), for the chicken breading in this dinner. But I have also used BBQ-flavored chips before with great success. If you choose to use the BBQ chips, I would suggest replacing the tomato confit in the menu with a spoonful of sour cream thinned with some milk and lime juice until it resembles a thin sauce, and then drizzle it over the chicken.

Bon Apetite!