Well, this was yet another menu in which I had to make substitutions from what was originally planned (which was based on a meal I ate in Savannah a couple of years ago).  I really wanted this to include pork tenderloin, but none was available, so a pork chop was the replacement. When choosing pork chops, I highly encourage that you select a bone-in variety. The bone adds extra flavor to the meat, particularly when cooked in this manner. Also, it’s important to let the meat rest for a few minutes after cooking so that the juices are absorbed and the meat is “tenderized.” Another substitution included the rapini greens (I had originally planned to serve collards), but oh well, such is life, and this menu is just as good.

Pan-seared pork chop with bourbon-molasses-Dijon sauce; first-of-the-season sweet potatoes from North Carolina baked and topped with vanilla-pecan butter; braised rapini greens; cornbread muffin

Last-of-the-season peaches (from Tuigo Orchards) in syrup with a splash of heavy cream mixed with cinnamon, topped with crumbled butter cookies