Ravioli is not a simple dish to make from scratch. But I took advantage of a Sunday afternoon (yesterday), to make the pasta dough and fill the squares and then set the covered pan of ravioli in the fridge. NOTE: I don’t use any fancy “ravioli press” to create these—they’re made and cut by hand and thus “look” homemade in the tradition of the way that Italian home cooks would create them. So, while they are not uniform and “pretty,” they are authentic, and at least to my mind, that makes them taste even better! The mushroom ragout included a mixture of various wild and domesticated varieties…cremeni, shitake, porcinni, etc.

House-made ravioli stuffed with ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan, and herbs sauced with mushroom ragout; arugula salad with red wine vinaigrette; bread
Fruit salad