When composing a meal, I try to think about how the separate elements will complement each other. In this instance, I thought that the “tanginess” of the mustard sauce, the “earthy” taste of the greens and wild rice, and the sweet foil of the applesauce would go well together. Indeed they did, and the crusty, savory biscuits added to the dining experience—a well-orchestrated blend of tastes, colors, and textures. There was no need for a “dessert” from my standpoint, so I didn’t bother. If you just have to have one, I might suggest simply nibbling a small square of dark chocolate. Or, if you have guests coming to dinner, and have the time to prepare ahead, coconut cake would be a nice finish as well.

Smithfield-area pork tenderloin cutlets sautéed with a Dijon mustard pan sauce; braised mixed greens; wild rice; house-made applesauce with Gala apples from Tuigo Orchards; buttermilk-onion biscuits