Usually, a stew would involve something simmered away on the stove for hours. Not so with this dish. Turkey cut into chunks really doesn’t need a lot of time to cook. And, if you cook it too long, you end up with a dry dish that has lost succulence and palatability. The other elements of the stew—chopped apples, onions, multicolored peppers, and herbs—add flavor and character. And the drizzle of cream added at the end makes this a wonderful topping for the pasta! I developed this recipe many years ago when a friend came to visit. The salad is nothing new, but provides a good accompaniment to the overall menu. And the cookies are something I dreamed up a few years ago, and they are yummy!

Spinach salad tossed with a warm bacon-shallot vinaigrette, and topped with chopped hard-cooked farm egg
“Stew” of turkey tenderloin chunks with pearl onions, multicolored peppers, mushrooms, and apples, finished with a thyme-rosemary- cream sauce, served over house-made pasta
Whole wheat roll
Eddie’s dried pineapple-coconut-white chocolate cookies