I make so many variations of this “vegetarian” menu during the fall and winter months because it is simple and straightforward. Yes, the beans take a while to cook, but I usually do that on the weekend before and then save for the night when I will need them. The pepper relish and greens in this menu can also be made ahead. Then, it only takes a short amount of time to prepare the other components of the meal. I put “vegetarian” in quotes above because I always season collard greens with a slice or two of bacon. After all, I am NOT a vegetarian as you well know—I just prefer to eat vegetable dishes more often than meat-based meals. If you are a “purist” then just sprinkle in a teaspoon of “Liquid Smoke” as you cook the collards.

Slow-cooked Purcell Mountain Farms cranberry beans, with a topping of red pepper relish
Braised collard greens; boiled fingerling potatoes with butter; cornbread muffins
Baked pear with pecans