By “down-home” I don’t want to suggest that this is only a “southern” meal. After all, macaroni and cheese is popular in most parts of the U.S. and even other parts of the world.  I make numerous variations of “mac-and-cheese” (depending on my mood). Tonight’s version involved including chopped broccolini and fresh tomatoes as an accompaniment, which really adds to the experience, along with the cornmeal muffins.

Whole wheat fusilli gratin with cheddar, topped with fresh tomatoes
Steamed broccolini
Cornmeal muffins studded with minced multicolored peppers and onions

As a P.S. remember that I post recipes on Saturdays if and when I receive requests, so if there’s anything you see in the menus of the past week that you want to explore further, let me know.