When I was in college, we were rarely flush with enough cash to go “out” to eat. But on those rare occasions when my friends and I were able to do so, we visited a restaurant in downtown Sarasota, Florida, that served a dish called “Chicken with Pajamas On” which was basically a take on “Veal Parmesan” using chicken paillards instead of veal. This week, I came up with the idea of “switching things up” a bit. In this meal, pounded chicken cutlets are marinated in lime juice and chili powder, then dredged in cornbread crumbs, and sautéed in olive oil. Meanwhile, a sauce of tomatoes, chilies, and herbs is prepared. When the chicken is cooked, and the sauce is ready, the chicken goes into a baking dish, then topped with pepperjack cheese slices, the sauce, and some grated queso añejo and baked just until the cheese is melted. Traditional “Parmesan” menus usually call for pasta as an accompaniment, but in this case, I decided rice would be more in keeping with the southwestern theme.

Eddie’s Southwestern “Chicken with Pajamas On”
Steamed rice
Romaine lettuce hearts with creamy dressing
Chilled grapes