Not pizza in any traditional sense—this is something I developed (with inspiration), as an alternative. Two small balls of house made pizza dough are rolled out very thin. One of them is topped with the filling and then the other round of dough is placed on top and “pinch-rolled” around the exterior. Many folks might call this a Calzone, or even possibly a Stromboli, and it IS similar. Nevertheless, the difference here is that the crust should be rolled very thin, which sets this apart from other dishes with a similar name. Again, this is probably not a meal that would require any real additional accompaniment, but if needed/wanted, then I suggest a simple salad and piece of fruit.

Crostata di Edouard stuffed with ricotta, goat cheese, mozzarella, parmesan, fresh tomatoes, onions, and marinated artichoke hearts
Simple salad
Chilled grapes