A dish from Alsace, France that I have interpreted to make my own, Choucroute Garni is a “one-dish” meal of sauerkraut, various types of smoked and fresh pork, and aromatic vegetables braised together with wine and broth. And there is hardly any need for anything more than possibly a piece of bread as accompaniment. I suggest a light dessert: in this case, I poured some chilled apple cider into my ice cream maker and let it run until it had achieved a slushy yet “scoop-able” consistency, much like a granita.

Choucroute Garni of sauerkraut, bacon, Virginia ham, pork chops, bratwurst, and smoked Andouille sausages simmered in the oven with white wine and chicken broth with onions, carrots, baby Yukon potatoes, herbs, and spices
House-made soda bread
Apple cider slush