This menu is simple, straightforward, and a favorite of mine. During my childhood, my mother often simply made potato soup with a skillet of cornbread to “go with.” There were always a few leftovers from earlier meals in the week in case folks were particularly hungry, but more often than not, I was always satisfied with just a soup plate of crumbled cornbread with potato soup ladled overtop and a pat of butter and freshly-ground black pepper to enrich the dish. And to this day, I am still satisfied with just that, although I do occasionally add a couple of other vegetables that I might have on hand. This certainly isn’t “stylish” cuisine, but it is delicious when you want a simple meal in not a lot of time…filling as well.

Potato Soup with garnishes of crispy onions and sour cream served over house-made cornbread
Black-eyed peas; broccolini
A perfect pear