There was enough leftover braised short rib meat and sauce from Sunday’s celebration to do something new with, and here is the solution. I sauteed some chopped onions, celery, and carrots in a large skillet, then added the chopped leftover meat along with the braising juices…added some chopped garlic and a couple of canned organic tomatoes to thicken the sauce and let it simmer over a gentle flame. Served over penne or rigatoni pasta (I used rigatoni because that was what I had on hand), this is a great way to “recreate” something from its original state without a lot of extra effort. Quick too! This sauce would have also been great over freshly made pasta noodles, but on a weeknight, time was limited, and I didn’t happen to have any fresh noodles on hand.

Beef short rib sauce served over pasta
Side salad with house-made dressing
Yeast roll
Vanilla ice cream (another leftover from the party)