A Family Tradition on Christmas Eve

Throughout my childhood and most of my adult life, Christmas Eve meant that my mother would prepare a table laden with what many folks would call “party food.” It was always a casual gathering of our family with enough heavy hors d’oeurve type foods and snacks to fill any stomach. This year, I wanted to re-create that very special meal to the extent possible. I added some variations of my own, updated a few things, and asked my sister Marsha and her daughter Landree for assistance, but the basic idea is still the same as what Mom always prepared for us.

  • Beef and pork meatballs with Eddie’s special barbeque sauce
  • “Little Smokies” sausages bathed in Mom’s traditional sauce
  • Canapes  of chicken salad with grapes and pecans served on sourdough rounds, and house-made deviled ham served on triangles of rye bread
  • Marsha’s special cheese ball with crackers
  • Marsha’s “polish pickles” variation
  • Crudites of blanched broccoli and baby carrots with Eddie’s house-made Ranch dressing
  • Marsha’s special party mix
  • Eddie’s special cheddar party mix
  • Potato chips with dip
  • Eddie’s “Dicken’s Mix” of mixed nuts and dried fruits
  • Marsha’s Christmas punch
  • Trays of sweets featuring Eddie’s homemade cookies and confections and Landree’s butterscotch  and white chocolate haystacks