On a Friday night, after a week of work, it’s always good to know that you can come home and prepare a simple meal with just a few ingredients. And pasta dressed with whatever happens to be in your cupboard or veggie drawer is always fulfilling and simple. Tonight’s variation involved some of the classic components of pasta a fagioli, yet this was not the traditional soup of Italy. Rather an improvisation which created a “sauce” to serve over boiled ziti. The finished dish was all that was needed as a main course, but I added a simple small salad, and had a slice of teabread that a friend from work gifted to me today as dessert.

A pasta dish inspired by the Italian soup pasta a fagioli, including aromatic vegetables, herbs, and partially purred white beans served over ziti with garnishes of roasted red peppers, black olives, parmesan, and crispy bacon
A simple salad
Darren’s teabread