It snowed here most of the afternoon, and while it was by no means a major event, it was enough to coat the ground and clump on the evergreens, presenting a picturesque landscape. Tonight’s menu is a variation on a “timbale” which is almost always a quite complicated dish, yet, the basic result is a pasta casserole. On a weeknight, there isn’t time to devote to any form of “classic” recipe, but there is time to make my more streamlined version—boil some pasta; make a quick tomato sauce with garlic and onions; combine the pasta and sauce with some ricotta cheese; top with parmesan and breadcrumbs; dot with butter; bake—and you’ve got your dinner! Just add a salad and some bread for a more finished meal. And, if you want something as a sweet ending, how about a cookie or two?

Pasta Timbale with tomato sauce and ricotta
Composed salad of lettuces, radishes, fennel, onions, and sliced oranges with vinaigrette
House-made bread

Honey sandwich cookies