Tonight’s menu is nothing new, and that’s why I call it from “the archives.” The chicken component was inspired by one that appeared in a cookbook that was copyrighted in 1979. I could never make the recipe work as it was presented in the book and made a few changes along the way. Since then, I have encountered similar presentations at restaurants and on the web. Where most of those err is in drenching the chicken in the sauce. What you want here is to put a dollop of the sauce on the plate first, and then top it with the sauteed chicken. As a matter of fact, the sauce should really not be visible at all—it should be a surprise note that is picked up as you eat the dish. The wild rice and other vegetable accompaniments provide a nice “round-out” to the overall menu. And of course you all know that I prefer a really simple ending to most of my meals—fresh fruit in most cases if indeed I even have anything else.

Chicken paillards breaded with ground pecans, sauteed in butter and olive oil, and served over a Dijon mustard and sour cream sauce
Wild rice; steamed broccoli; slices of baked sweet potatoes

Chilled grapes