Inspired by a recipe I found in an old cookbook, and the fact that I had a lot of celery on hand, I decided to make cream of celery soup tonight.  I know that might not be everyone’s “cup-of-tea” but this turned out really well. The slight “bite” of the celery was tempered by adding potatoes to the mix and pureeing everything together…adding some milk and heavy cream…and re-heating until “soup temperature.” A crispy grilled sandwich was needed as an accompaniment. Tonight I chose to layer pepperjack cheese between slices of my house-made bread and brown on the stove-top grill pan. Want a salad? Add it! I didn’t want one, but I did want a little something sweet at the end of the meal. See below.

Cream of celery soup enriched with potatoes
Grilled cheese sandwich of pepperjack cheese

Molasses-pecan brownies inspired by David Tanis from his book Heart of the Artichoke