This soup came together based on my having a variety of “white” root vegetables and cooked white beans on hand. I sauteed some chopped onion, potatoes, turnips, parsnips, and a garlic clove together, added water to cover and simmered until all of the vegetables were tender, then pureed half of the mixture in the blender, stirred the puree back into the pot, added celery seeds, butter, a bit of cream, and the white beans…reheated everything together, and came up with a wonderful soup that, with a little bread, is a one-dish meal. If you are particularly hungry, add a green salad. I’ll be including the specifics of this recipe in my upcoming book, but I’ve almost given you the “template” for the recipe above.

Soup of potatoes, turnips, parsnips, and white beans
Spinach salad with grated hard-cooked egg with bacon-shallot-red wine vinaigrette
Grilled slices of house-made bread

Dried fruits and nuts