When I was planning this week’s menus I realized that I had not made a favorite dish of mine yet this winter—chili—and specifically, my own chili recipe. And today the weather was SO cold, it seemed as if this was the perfect dish for the evening. Once again this is one of those meals that can be prepared in the slow cooker and you get to enjoy the scent of the simmering dish throughout the day. I like beans with my chili, and tonight’s version includes cranberry beans. There’s not a lot of need for much more than a cornbread muffin and a nice dessert to round out this meal.

The dessert in this case is something that takes the bite away from the spiciness of the chili: lemon meringue pie, made with a curd of Meyer lemons, which are a hybrid of lemons and mandarin oranges. These only come to market during a small window of time in the year, and I was lucky enough to snatch a bag while they were available. If you are not so lucky, not to worry, you can achieve similar results by using the juice of two regular lemons and two tangerines along with the zests of one of each.

Eddie’s Chili of grass-fed ground beef with aromatic vegetables, beef stock, a secret blend of spices and herbs, and cranberry beans topped with a dollop of sour cream and cheddar cheese
Cornbread muffins

Meyer lemon meringue pie