The published recipes for this dish are wildly divergent in the details: some call for poached eggs, some for fried or baked, and several I ran across called for Holandaise sauce. The common theme however relates to the fact that “Florentine” is a dish that is served over spinach. In this case, I sauteed onions and mushrooms, added the spinach just until it was barely wilted, and then placed the mixture in a small baking dish. On top of that, you break a couple of eggs per serving, drizzle with a creamy Mornay sauce made with Parmesan, and bake until the eggs are set.  As an accompaniment, I created somewhat of a vegetable “hash” of finely-chopped vegetables (onions, potatoes, red peppers), and sauteed patties of the mixture in a similar way that you would make homemade hash. Toast made of house-made bread on the side finished the entre.

Eggs Florentine al a Chez Edouard
Vegetable “hash cakes” of potatoes, onions, and  red peppers
Buttered toast of house-made yeast bread


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