O.K. I know that most folks reading this are going to say why on earth would he propose this menu to us? Tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich? Here is why. The soup is homemade “from scratch” so to speak, and doesn’t remotely resemble anything that would be tossed out of a can into a pot with a cup of water added. A couple of years ago, I made my “homemade tomato soup” in a large quantity for an office gathering, and so many people asked for the recipe I knew it was a big hit. There wasn’t even a tablespoon of my soup left at the end of that luncheon.  And tonight, the “grilled cheese sandwich” is also updated a bit—including both goat cheese and cheddar as the filling. So, ubiquitous as it may seem, a dinner of tomato soup and grilled cheese can certainly be revisited, updated, and made more interesting as a casual weeknight meal.

Eddie’s house-made tomato soup with a secret blend of herbs and spices
Pan-grilled sandwich of goat cheese and cheddar on house-made bread

The final slice of the lemon meringue pie