One day last week I was in a rush to attend an early morning meeting at the university where I work and didn’t have time to pack my lunch (which I almost always do). So when lunchtime arrived, I headed over to the food court. It was a cold day; I wanted soup. I was intrigued by one of the offerings which promised to be a white bean and chorizo soup. I should have known as I ladled it into the bowl that I was going to be disappointed. Why on earth were there huge chunks of potatoes in this and why even include potatoes at all? Where were the beans? Why was the chorizo sliced from the dried variety instead of crumbled from the fresh variety? Why was there so much watery broth with so little substance from the other ingredients? It was a great idea, but executed horribly. I ate it (since I had no other option), but decided then and there that I would make what this dish “should have been” at home. Tonight I share the menu. On Saturday the 25th I will share my recipe. Hopefully the executive chef at my workplace will take note.

White bean and chorizo soup Chez Edouard
Crostini with herbed cream cheese
Mixed lettuces with vinaigrette

Tangerine ice cream (again…why not?)