I’m sure everyone has their own favorite recipe for mac-and-cheese (as indeed I do). But last week I ran across an intriguing recipe which replaced the traditional white sauce (béchamel), with a puree of steamed cauliflower, carrots, and the traditional cheddar cheese along with buttermilk. As is usually the case, I thought there were some missing elements, and I revamped the recipe to make it my own. The end result was very successful, but I want to experiment further with it. (For instance, I think a few sundried tomatoes and roasted red peppers might have boosted this.)  

 Nevertheless, tonight’s menu was satisfying and even though I may make changes to the recipe in the future, there is certainly nothing wrong with this variation on an American classic.

A new “mac-and-cheese” experiment featuring purred vegetables and cheddar
Braised greens
Cornbread muffins

Blood orange wedges with chopped pistachios