Earlier this week I finished reading the fourth book in the saga Tierra del Oro by RLB Hartmann. Set in the late 19 th and early 20th centuries, the saga is a gripping and continuing tale filled with mystery, intrigue, romance, and suspense in northern Mexico. And this fueled my inspiration to share yet another menu from “south of the border.” While carnitas is a long-simmered pork filling for tacos historically native to southern Mexico, it is now enjoyed throughout that country (and indeed in the U.S.). Of course, you need salsa, and because I love beans (a staple of Mexican cuisine), I decided to add a type I had not tried before—organic Appaloosa beans from Purcell Mountain Farms. A special dessert rounds out tonight’s menu. If you are not familiar with Mexican chocolate, find a source for it because there is no real substitute.

Also, I strongly encourage you to consider reading the Tierra del Oro saga. To learn more and order the books, visit rlbhartmann.com.

Carnitas in crispy flour and corn tortilla tacos with fire-roasted chilies, house-made salsa, and queso chihuahua
Simmered Appaloosa beans topped with diced onions and garlic
A garnish of chopped romaine lettuce and a dollop of sour cream

Mexican chocolate  and spiced rum parfait