Actually this is a tale of a special waffle split into quarters with two different toppings. I decided to experiment with some additions to my favorite cornbread waffle recipe and added finely chopped black olives, roasted red peppers, and cheddar cheese to the batter. I made sure to cook it at the highest setting of the iron until it was nice and crispy on the outside. Then, I split the waffle into quarters and topped two pieces with the potatoes, and two with the beans. With the side of greens this was a really nice vegetarian meal.

Cornbread waffle with olives, peppers, and cheddar, quartered and topped with spicy black beans and potato “soup” with a garnish of sour cream
Braised rapini greens

Baked apple wedges with cinnamon, house-made vanilla ice cream, and chopped roasted pecans