Recently I was thinking about my Dad and one of his favorite dishes came to mind—cube steak and gravy. I have always liked the dish, but am not as big a fan of it as my father. Yet, I wanted to see if I could “rethink” this dish and create something that would be a bit of twist on this classic southern favorite. So tonight I experimented. Remember last week when I breaded chicken breast paillards with corn flour and spices? Well, tonight I have treated the cube steak similarly, and created a “barbeque gravy sauce” to accompany the meat and rice. This is a far cry away from what my Mother made for my Dad, but it is a successful variation when you want something a bit different. And don’t forget tonight’s dessert suggestion: the molasses-spice cookies made last weekend, crushed in the bottom of the dish and covered with the banana pudding topping.

Cube steak breaded with corn flour and spices and served with barbeque gravy Chez Edouard
Steamed rice
Blanched carrots and broccoli

Banana pudding with crushed molasses spice cookies