Recently I was reviewing an old cookbook by James Beard in which he gave a recipe for a Portuguese fish stew. In his notes, he mentioned that this was similar to a San Francisco cioppino, so I researched numerous sources for recipes for the latter as well. In both instances, the recipes contained crustaceans, and other shellfish. But, since I am unfortunately allergic to crustaceans, I have not included those elements in this dish. As you know I always “fiddle” with recipes, so I adjusted things to suit myself by adding diced carrots and celery (not in the recipes), along with the onions that were in both recipes. I omitted the crustaceans and shellfish. I kept the tomatoes suggested in both recipes, but used vegetable stock instead of the suggested chicken and fish stocks. The reality here is that you should feel free to explore food based on your own proclivities. By the way, I adhered to Mr. Beard’s idea of serving this stew over cooked orzo pasta, and that elevated the dish.

Atlantic Cod stew Chez Edouard with vegetable-tomato broth, mirepoix of onions , carrots, celery, and  garlic, served over orzo pasta
Simple salad

Apple wedges and white cheddar