This is a Mexican-inspired menu, but certainly not authentic by any stretch of the imagination. I arrived home realizing that I didn’t have corn tortillas on hand. So, the solution was to make corn crepes in which to enclose the cheese and onions. The beans were cooked ahead of time to insure simplicity of stove-to-table service. And the rice dish was easy enough to prepare as the other components of the meal came together. The “sauce” for the “enchiladas” was also improvised—it included a blend of tomatoes and spices poured over the crepes after they were stuffed, and baked in the oven. Again, by no means authentic, but certainly tasty. Sometimes improvisation is key to success!

Cornmeal crepes stuffed with pepperjack cheese and onions with red sauce topped with sour cream and sliced olives
Frijoles Refritos; Arroz Verde

Blood Orange wedges