The “difference” in this case means that I am making the scaloppini dish from thinly sliced pork loin. There is no need to pound it as you might veal. It comes out perfectly succulent and tender if not overcooked. The butcher at my local Whole Foods Market was more than happy to slice the meat for me.  The spinach side dish requires a bit of care. First you saute the onions and fennel, and then just a minute before you plan to sit down to eat, you toss the baby spinach into the pan until it is slightly wilted, add the sliced almonds, and serve. The spinach should just take on a brighter green color. I’m talking about only tossing it in the pan for about 10-15 seconds! Remember the “chocolate pudding cake” I made in late February? This menu includes a “variation” on that theme which brings organic maple syrup into the limelight for dessert (without the chocolate).

Pork loin scaloppini with lemon-caper-garlic sauce
Sauteed onions and fennel with wilted baby spinach and sliced almonds
Orzo pasta tossed with extra virgin olive oil and herbs

Maple pudding cake with whipped cream