I have visited Santa Fe, New Mexico on a couple of occasions, and each time I frequented a spot called the Tecelote Café for breakfast. While standard breakfast fare was always available on the menu, I always chose the more “local” options featuring southwestern foods. Tonight’s entre is based on my memories of some of the dishes I ate there. I’m sure regulars and natives would say NO WAY is this what they serve at Tecelote. But remember, I am trying to create a menu that is inspired by a memory from many years ago! The corn “waffle” fritters are my own invention. Instead of creating a large waffle, I place tablespoons of the batter on the waffle iron far enough from one another so that they do not run together, and cook until done. Then, I “crisp” them in a hot oven.
And the banana dessert is a really nice addition to this meal.

Omelet stuffed with Monterey Jack cheese and sauteed onions topped with house-made fire-roasted green chili sauce
Corn “waffle” fritters

Banana caramelized with butter and brown sugar with a cinnamon cookie