The basic components of this meal are relatively traditional and may not at first glance seem too inspiring. However, I think the sauce that accompanies the ham, the cooking method for the asparagus, and the special treatments for the other side dishes as well as the dessert elevates this meal a bit above the expected. For instance, the filling for the eggs actually incorporates all of the components into the stuffing rather than the usual practice of “garnishing” the finished product with these additions.

I am posting this menu ahead of time, just in case readers are looking for last minute ideas for a Holiday celebration. Even if you do not celebrate Easter, this is a good meal for a special occasion during the early spring.

House-made cornmeal-cheddar crackers
“Deviled Eggs” enhanced with chopped capers, dill, mustard, and smoked paprika
Baked ham with brown sugar-raisin sauce
Oven-roasted asparagus topped with buttered bread crumbs
Baby carrots with blood orange glaze
Caramelized onion mashed potatoes
Bread Chez Edouard

Lemon curd tartlets