It was a very warm day here, and what I had originally planned for dinner was unappealing when I got ready to cook. Has that ever happened to you? SO, while I still used the turkey tenderloin I had purchased, I cooked it in a different way and the side dishes were also changed and revised. Of note is the fact that the broccoli salad, (which I had not planned for at all), is missing one of its traditional ingredients: crumbled bacon bits. (I didn’t have any bacon on hand!) So, after making the salad and letting it chill, I served it with bread crumbs tossed with butter and a drizzle of liquid smoke in a sauté pan until crispy. Sprinkled over the salad just before serving it provided the same “crunch” (if perhaps not the same  flavor), that  bacon bits would have provided. Additionally, while most recipes call for using raw broccoli flowerets, I prefer to give them a quick 45-second blanch in a pan of boiling water and then chill in ice water and drain thoroughly before making the salad.

Grilled, spiced-rubbed turkey tenderloin
Chilled broccoli salad with cheddar, onion, creamy dressing, and crisp bread crumbs
Boiled baby Yukon Gold potatoes
Bread Chez Edouard

Fresh fruit