It’s always fun for me to experiment by “mixing things up” and indeed tonight was one of those times. The base of this menu was simply some wedges of boiled potatoes, but overtop, I added a sauce of Cajun-inspired sausage sauce. But I must admit that unlike the traditional sauce (which calls for fully smoked and cooked sausages), I used fresh Andouille. Sauteed with the “holy trilogy” of green peppers, onions, and celery (as it is called in Cajun cooking), and with the addition of seasonings, this was a great way to perk up some Yukon Gold potatoes. Usually, this sauce would be served over pasta, rice, red beans, or even eggs, but as I said above, I wanted to experiment with a “shake up.”

Boiled wedges of Yukon Gold potatoes topped with fresh Andouille sausage sauce
Steamed zucchini slices
Cornbread muffins

Bavarian crème with maple reduction sauce and chopped pecan pralines