Making lasagna the way it really should be made is labor-intensive but well worth the effort. In order to transport this dish to the sublime, you really must use homemade pasta and roll it as thinly as possible. I created this dish with some variations on the traditional: for instance, the Bolognese sauce is made with ground turkey thigh meat and pancetta, and the pasta is enriched with whole wheat flour. Another difference is that the ricotta layers include steamed and chopped broccoli rabe as opposed to the usual spinach. This is one of my favorite creations and will certainly have a place in my cookbook.

Lasagna of house-made whole wheat pasta layered with turkey-pancetta Bolognese, béchamel sauce, ricotta mixed with steamed rapini, and topped with Parmegianno Regianno
Romaine lettuce hearts with creamy dressing
Bread Chez Edouard

Pineapple wedges with a splash of rum topped with chopped pecans and toasted cocoanut