To all mothers who are readers, Happy Mother’s Day! My mom passed away a couple of years ago, and I miss her terribly. I would like to think that she would have enjoyed the following menu had I been able to prepare it for her.

Tonight’s menu features thinly-sliced pork cutlets quickly browned and then braised gently over low heat with a sauce inspired by Marion Burros. The coleslaw is my memory of a recipe from the Joy of Cooking which features grated apples and carrots along with the cabbage. The copy I had of that cookbook (a paperback version), fell apart many years ago despite my efforts to tape it back together on many occasions, and because it was printed on cheap newsprint paper, it finally had to be put to rest. I vowed I would buy another copy, but never did. Yet, I am satisfied with my own rendition “from memory” so to speak. Recipes for the dill rolls and strawberry tart (both of which I developed many years ago), will be featured in my cookbook. Stay tuned!

Deviled pork cutlets braised in chili sauce and spices
Cabbage slaw with grated apples, onions, and carrots
Boiled new potatoes; steamed corn on the cob from Florida
Dill rolls Chez Edouard

Eddie’s strawberry tart featuring Virginia-grown berries with a chocolate cookie crust and white chocolate-cream cheese filling