This menu is inspired by Paul Prudhome’s recipe for “Cajun Meatloaf” in his first cookbook. I have adjusted the spices to my own taste: I like heat, but not quite as much as was proposed in the original recipe.  Yet, even with my reduction of the spices, I must say that this is one of the most flavorful meatloaf recipes ever. To counterbalance the “punch” of the loaf, I added a simple and “bland” side dish of plain mashed potatoes, and an even “cooler” note is a chilled corn and asparagus salad which you can find on Paula Deen’s website. The first corn from southern Florida arrived here this week, and the local asparagus is still in abundance. And don’t let the fact that this is a Paula Deen recipe deter you—there is no fat here, not even a drip of oil for the dressing!

Louisiana Delta Meatloaf Chez Edouard inspired by Paul Prudhomme, with tomato gravy
Classic mashed potatoes
Chilled corn and asparagus salad
Corn muffins

Pineapple wedges with strawberries and coconut shavings

RIP Donna! YOU held your head up high and inspired many generations. I dance tonight in memory and admiration.