One of my favorite ways to prepare thin filets of fish such as flounder or sole is to bake it wrapped in parchment paper. Before the package is sealed to go into the oven, matchstick-sized julienne of carrots, shallots and snow peas are tossed over the fish along with a squeeze of lemon juice, a splash of wine, a fresh sprig of dill and seasonings. Many recipes for preparations such as this describe a complicated process of folding and crimping the paper around the ingredients. I have found it far easier to simply cut a large enough piece of paper that I can draw up around everything and seal with a twist tie. And AAAHHH, the aroma when you open the package is wonderful! The ice cream was made with strawberries from a local farm here in Virginia.
Atlantic Plaice and julienned vegetables baked in parchment with herbs, butter, lemon juice, and a splash of wine
Fingerling potatoes boiled and tossed with butter
Steamed baby Bok Choy
House-made rolls

House-made strawberry ice cream