This vegetarian meal, while having several components, is easy to pull together. Making use of the freshest green vegetables available at this time of year and adding a contrasting note of red pepper helps elevate the dish. I love baked pasta dishes, and this one is far simpler than lasagna. While I am sorry to repeat a dessert from earlier in the week, there is really nothing better at this time of year than homemade strawberry ice cream, and in this case, I will save dessert as a late-night follow-up to the earlier meal. Just a little scoop before going to bed, while watching a movie, is my idea of a sweet ending to a workday.

Baked organic rigatoni with broccolini, asparagus, spring onions, and red peppers with ricotta, garlic, herbs, and parmesan
Spring lettuces with baby beets vinaigrette
Bread Chez Edouard

Strawberry ice cream