The word Mexican is in quotes because this dish is not Mexican, nor is it Italian as the lasagna description implies. Many years ago, I began to experiment in the kitchen and came up with a “fusion” of two of my favorite cuisines. After many attempts, I finally developed a pasta that included cornmeal and corn flour that could be rolled into thin lasagna noodles. The cooked pasta sheets are still silky, but have a nice “bite” with the corn-based ingredients. Layered with house-made refritoes, sauteed vegetables, tomato sauce, cheeses, and sour cream, this is one of the dishes that I am proud to say I developed on my own. I may include it in my cookbook, but I warn you that in order for it to be done right, it takes a LOT of time and commitment. This is not a quick meal. Sure, you can prepare a lot of the components ahead, but that has to be planned for in advance. From my perspective though, this labor of love is well worth the effort, and the numerous people who have sampled this at dinner parties I have hosted throughout the years agree.

Vegetarian lasagna a la Mexicana Chez Edouard with house-made corn pasta, refritoes, sauteed vegetables, spicy tomato sauce, sour cream, and Jack cheeses
Salad of crisp lettuces and avocado wedges with lime vinaigrette

Aint No Mountain High Enough lemon meringue pie