Skinless and boneless chicken breast is great on the grill, but all too often it can get dry and chewy on the outside before the interior is done. For that reason, I recommend cutting the breasts in half horizontally with a sharp knife and grilling the halves quickly over high heat until just done. Basting with the special house-made BBQ sauce also enhances the flavor. You will need to plan ahead if you want to make the southern-inspired cheese grits because they need to firm up in the refrigerator before being tossed in seasoned flour and shallow-fried. The black-eyed pea side dish is a variation on the classic “Texas Caviar” and provides a wonderful contrast to the other ingredients in the entrée, all of which should be presented on the same plate.

Grilled chicken paillards with house-made peach BBQ sauce
Crispy cheese grit cakes sauteed in oil and butter
Chilled salad of black-eyed peas and peppers vinaigrette
Cornbread muffin

Vanilla ice cream