OK, I didn’t pick up and visit London over the weekend, but I did revisit a dish that is as standard there as hamburger and French fries are in the U.S.  I will never forget when I worked in a fast food joint during my college years in the resort town of Sarasota, Florida, which attracted visitors from all over the world. A customer with a distinct British accent came in and ordered “the fish sandwich and chips, please.”  I replied as politely as I could that we didn’t sell “chips.”  (Naïve as I was at that point, “chips” meant our standard American potato chips.)  He explained that he was really ordering the French fries, albeit even those were not quite the same at all as what he was accustomed to in the U.K. Since that point many years ago “fish and chips” has become almost as American as its British beginnings.

Deep-fried, beer-battered halibut chunks with Eddie’s special spice blend
Yukon Gold potato slices fried until crispy with a sprinkle of white wine vinegar and sea salt
Classic coleslaw

Pineapple wedges