Vegetable ragout in its numerous seasonal iterations is one of my favorite vegetarian dishes. There are as many ways to prepare this as there are vegetables available at any given time of year. And that’s why I never tire of this dish—it’s different each time you make it.  In certain variations, it can stand alone. In others, it becomes a “sauce” of sorts to spoon over rice, pasta, polenta, or even cornbread. Tonight’s variation highlights spring vegetables served over house-made pasta. And in order to highlight the fresh, bright flavors of the vegetables they are simply stewed in fresh water with a knob of butter and some fresh herbs to enrich the sauce. And since almost all of the vegetables were of the “green” variety, I chose to forego a salad tonight, but you can always add one if you wish.

Vegetable ragout of asparagus, English peas, fava beans, baby carrots, and spring onions stewed in spring water and butter with herbs from the balcony garden served over house-made angel-hair pasta
Yeast roll Chez Edouard

Strawberry ice cream