Though tacos de fajitas is served at many Mexican restaurants across the U.S. its origins are apparently more of a traditional preparation of cowboys in Texas and Arizona.  In restaurants, it is traditionally brought to you in a cast iron skillet sizzling away and you are warned to be cautious not to burn yourself. But the origins of this dish actually call for grilling the marinated steak and the onions and peppers which accompany it. Over the years, I have developed my own marinade for the beef; a cooking method which involves grilling the steak, allowing it to rest until the juices are reabsorbed, and then “flash frying” it for a few seconds in a very hot cast iron pan just before serving; and a special sour cream sauce to accent the tacos.

Skirt steak with Eddie’s special marinade—grilled, sliced, and reheated in a hot skillet with onions and peppers
Warmed flour tortillas
Eddie’s special sour cream sauce
House-made Pico de Gallo

Caramel flan