Unless properly cooked, turkey burgers can be a culinary disaster often turning out dry and unpalatable. Yet if prepared well, they are a great alternative to beef. Here are some keys to success: first, use ground turkey thigh meat as opposed to the breast. Sure,there is a bit more fat content, but far less than that of most ground beef. Next, lightly mix the turkey with some grated onion. Grating the onion creates
a bit of juice which helps hydrate the meat. Carefully slow-grilled over medium
heat, these burgers are superb! And lastly, lightly grill the bun halves and
spread goat cheese on each half.  Just add your favorite condiments and “go-withs,” and you will have a memorable meal.

Turkey burgers served on a grilled
house-made bun with lettuce, tomato, goat cheese and other condiments
Classic potato salad

A perfect peach