Grilled tuna is one of my favorite meals. And it’s simple even if you wish to prep an outdoor grill. Accompanied by a chunky sauce of chopped fresh tomatoes (I used a combo of both red and yellow varieties), and some kalamata olives, it is truly superlative. The other components of the meal are quite simple. There is no fuss and no rush to this. It’s a perfect menu for a Sunday evening when you have probably been up to other things all day long. The dessert is NOT that artificially-flavored stuff with the familiar brand name—there are all-natural alternatives available folks, and I advise you to search for them at Whole Foods Market or other health food outlets.

Grilled tuna with chunky fresh heirloom tomato concasse, olives, and capers
Oven-crisped new potato wedges
Blanched snow peas refreshed in ice water, served as a sort of chilled salad on
the plate with a splash of rice vinegar and olive oil
Yeast rolls Chez Edouard

Citrus gelatin with fruit